Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bonjour Mr. Phelps

Gadabout went really well yesterday, the best turnout IFS has had this year thus far. Personal favorites included the "Tales of Mere Existence" series by Lev and "I Oversee the Maintenance of a Tool Shed" by the folks at Funtime Entertainment. Eric, Dom and Eva also did a short performance of some of their Halo Fauna tracks which was pretty enjoyable especially in regards to sharks being evolutionary winners.

It was really rad to get to hang out with those kids for the day as well as it had been a year give or take since I had seen any of them. It's always really refreshing to have people from outside of Oberlin come and provide a fresh perspective on this little town that I inhabit. Also, the fact that they've been traveling around the country for months on end put a little spark of travel romanticism in my mind.

A few days back I stumbled upon a series of French Mod sites with some sweet jukeboxes, making my show a) hella psychedelic as the French totally electric organ apparently and b) unpronounceable as I refused to butcher French and say the names of what I was playing. All-in-all though I found it to be a pretty uplifting show, though I wish I had the money to actually buy a lot of the albums in non-electronic form.

Such is life.

- adam

Monday, April 17, 2006

Gadabout Film Festival!!!!

The Gadabout Film Festival
Monday, April 24th @ 8pm
The Cat In The Cream
Totally Free

Back for the 2nd Year

"The Gadabout is a nationally touring film festival that screens a program of 20+ international short films. Independent in every sense, these films share the same willingness to challenge the conventions set for filmmaking. The Gadabout is a distribution avenue for truly indie filmmakers that distrust Hollywood and the commercial film festival circuit. We are NOT a competition, rather a celebration of what is possible in independent film and video.

Above all, the Gadabout is super cool. We tour in a van, and show amazing films to our new friends we get to meet while traveling.

We have completed 3 national tours and have screened the works of filmmakers from all over the country, and the world (India, Singapore, Australia, Argentina, Isreal, and the U.K.). Independent in every sense, these films share the same willingness to challenge the conventions set for commercial filmmaking.

This is filmmaking as art, entertainment, and fun."

Sponsored by the Independent Film Series

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Monday, April 10, 2006


God, I miss her already.

- adam

Sunday, April 02, 2006

No Parking

The rundown on "spring break" (what exactly is it that I need to take a break from?) 2006:

I have to say that I didn't really expect much from this past weak except for a break in the cycle of watching tv at AC's house to createa a new cycle of watching tv at my mom's house. I did in fact manage to accomplish a great deal of this, however, I also left my idyllic setting of hardwood floors and a balcony with beach furniture.

My arrival on Monday evening involved nothing of note, Tuesday being where all the fun begins. After waking up with my usual mid-afternoon timing I made a trek over to the cinema with mother dearest. This, of course, meant going to Hoffman Center, the very same complex where many high profile government court cases are held (Moussaoui and Miller of NYTimes fame for instance). Needless to say this was fairly prevalent in my mnd when half-way through Spike Lee's new picture "Inside Man" the fire alarm system goes blaring off. 45 minutes and a free movie ticket later, we come to discover that "hey, we can't find the car!" To our surprise, this is not because of my family's penchant for poor memory, but b/c our car had been towed. This led to a two hour journey of misery in which i learned that, among other inconvieniences, tow companies only take cash.

A brief trip to visit Mason frends later that night (for stress relief purposes of course) led to the discovery that as unfortunate as the legal troubles of other's may be (snitches get stitches), one can benefit through the inheritance of $400 glasswork. Further, in NoVA laws of sobriety apparently run opposite to those of typical society. More on this later.

And that, my friends is Tuesday. Wednesday to follow when I feel like typing more.

- adam